Where to eat in Skiathos

Where to eat in Skiathos?

Our beautiful island is full of taverns and restaurants of all kinds (there are a few very good).

If you want to eat in a hurry, just on the go, two simple and cheap solutions.

1) The traditional "souvlakia," which are meat gyros pork or chicken, marinated and wrapped in a kind of

pancake called "pitta." This meat may be trimmed tsatsiki, pieces of tomatoes, onions and even in some cases, fries. No, souvlakia are not always good, they are sometimes tough as old boots! However, there is a very good "souvladzidiko" called "Time out" at Papadiamantis street (the main street of the city) coming from the port on your right.

2) The pizza: there is a very good pizzeria 500m from the villa. It's called "your boubounakia" and is a bit off the corner of the main road and the one leading to the villa. The pizzas, cooked over a wood fire, are very good. You can order by phone, but there is no home delivery. Go there 15 minutes later and take them home to enjoy your meal on our beautiful terrace.

If you want to eat "mezedes" these little Greek tapas in beautiful taverns and if possible, at the water's edge.

Most tavern are located in the port and many are obviously tourist traps. Three of them stand out above the rest and are open all year (that's where we eat with our friends, residents of the island in winter!)

The first two are close to each other and are on the right of the port, in the part that goes after the marine port for pleasure boats, just before the discos.

One is called "To bakaliko" which means in Greek groceries. It is very pleasant in winter and summer, and it offers excellent "mezedes", mainly based on seafood. If you want to eat meat, grilled lamb chops, they are also very good.

The other is called "to Akrogiali" "shore" and grilled sardines are delicious.

The third is named Kabourelias and it is located in the old port, after Bourtzi. The food is very good and the sea view at the old port is very nice.

If you want to eat fish, we recommend the restaurant "Amfiliki." The restaurant is rather expensive (in general, the fish is very expensive in the islands), but the fish (the "pasta with lobster" is a special dish) is excellent while you benefit from stunning sea views. The restaurant is located atop a hill overlooking the bay of Megali Ammos and Kalamaki Peninsula, behind the Park Health Center of Skiathos. We advise you to book a table the previous day.Tel: (+30) 2427 022 839