Our priority: we want Villa Cassiopee in Skiathos to be YOUR Greek villa

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We want Villa Cassiopee to be YOUR Greek villa


You would like to rent a Greek  villa  for this summer and  to find a place where you would feel like at home? Villa Cassiopee is what you are looking for!

I know from experience,  since I often rent villas for my  own vacation, that when booking a rental on the Internet  the one who takes the responsibility for the final choice always feels  some anxiety: the photos are beautiful, the description fits what I want, the owners seem friendly and civilized, but what am I actually  supposed to find there?

It is true that when we choose to spend our vacation in a hotel, we know that depending on the category and the number of stars, we can expect some equipment, such as soap, mini bar, hairdryer   and even some luxury,  like bath salts, a fluffy bathrobe or  a basket with fruit. Generally,  bad surprises are few .

It is not always the case with vacation rentals, as no rating system is applied internationally.  Generally, for our Greek villas,  only the positive or negative reviews from  our tenants, published on the major sites of vacation rentals, can fairly inform future candidates.

But make no mistake, everyone, once on spot, will have his own opinion according to his own criteria. Satisfying our customers is an ongoing battle and we can not rest on the laurels of a positive review.

When an owner decides to put his property for rent, it obviously raises some questions: which customers to target? What comfort and what services to offer? How to remain competitive among so many beautiful Greek villas while providing the best possible stay for our guests? We must make some choices about the comfort, the luxury and the services we will provide to our guests.

Personally,  a priority was  immediately obvious to me: I wanted my guests to feel at home, as if they were staying at some friends’ or even better, as if they were in their own  Greek villa.

I thought about the villas that had left me a special souvenir from my travels over. Those that stood out were  the ones  I call "real" houses: books on the shelves, tablecloths in the drawers, CDs and DVDs or games available to my children. The houses, even luxurious, but that seemed emptied  from their "alive" and warm character, didn’t give the same pleasure to me.

I always think fondly of this beautiful family home in Sicily, where we were welcomed so warmly. The fridge contained all the ingredients for a quick dinner (we had arrived late with young children). Pretty tablecloths at our disposal and not a sad oilcloth (much more convenient for many owners), beautiful linen, a fully equipped kitchen where the most demanding  cordon bleu would have been delighted. I perceived all these details as a mark of confidence in me and I was  really touched.

In addition, Valerio, the lovely owner,   greeted  us with some Canoli, small Sicilian sweets and had arranged our stay at best, with sympathy and discretion.

By cons, the 19th century villa in the mountains near Madrid, renovated with character and nicely decorated, was disappointing: too basic cooking  equipment for a family (not finding a colander when  you are cooking pasta is extremely annoying) , a washing machine, but no iron, and even more annoying in a sunny country, an outdoor furniture very uncomfortable and inadequate. The owners were away (I can understand that), but we had no reports of reference person to contact if problems arise.

I mention here extreme examples, but I think they are  illustrative of what I want and I do not want to offer to people that give me the pleasure to choose my villa among many others to be YOUR Greek villa.